Thursday, December 4, 2008

Watch Creations "highlighted vendor"

This is not part of the giveaway. This is one of our highlighted vendors!

Our fabulous Watch Creations has the cutest interchangeable beaded wristbands, along with interchangeable faces! How great is that!! You can wear the same watch, without actually wearing the same watch. They have sooo much to choose from. Who wouldn't love to have one of these? Have some fun with your accessories. These watches are gonna catch your eye, whether you're the one wearing it, or if someone else is. It's great for the picky person who doesn't like to wear the same boring old watch every single day. Now you've got a choice. You can coordinate the beads with the color of your outfit. Love it!!

Check out the site, and come to the show to buy one. You are sure to adore it.

1 comment:

ruthiedarrin said...

These are darling and would be fabulous for every day!