Saturday, December 6, 2008

JC's Blooming Boutique "highlighted vendor"

I can't say enough about the talent on these items. From blankets to rag quilts, and then pj's to crafted light protectors. JC's is even going green with another of their items, re-usable hankees! Talk about taking me back in time. I love this idea! So old fashioned and hot right?! Okay, maybe not hot, but still, it's pretty dang debonair! Think about in those old movies when the guy takes his hankey out of his pocket to give it to the weeping girl. Okay, I'm on a weird kick. Still, JC's has such adorable items. Love them! Check out her pj sets. I know, who uses the word pj's anymore? Can ya tell I lived in the 80's. I also still use the word stuardess, not flight attendant. K, I'm getting off the wonderful subject of JC's. You just gotta come to check it all out, there is too many things that are super cute, and my rant can't do it justice. Seriously though, love it all!!!

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Cindie said...

Darling things on their Etsy shop! Check them out! I can't wait to shop this boutique!!!