Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sassy Scrubs and Such "highlighted vendor"

These are the gosh darn cutest soapies you will EVER see in your life!! Sassy Scrubs even had the cutest soaps that looked like gold fish in a bag... you know how the pet store gives you your pet goldfish in a plastic sandwich type of bag tied at the top. Well, that's exactly how this soap looked, and it even had a goldfish in it! That is the type of pet I need. One that I can't kill cuz I don't feed it...eek! Seriously though, Sassy Scrubs has it covered for boys as well. My boys always complain about taking baths, they love showers.. but for those days that I'd like them to soak and play in the tub for a bit, those are the days that you need the most boy-ish bath fizzies you could get... they are freakin' skulls!!! Dontcha love that?! My little boys would actually like to take baths with these fizzies! Sassy has SO much more too. They have the cutest things that look like paper flowers in these test tube like things, well, they are actually bubble bathy things. So dang cute!!! You will love it all!

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