Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Highlighted Vendor" Mumzeys

FYI, this is just a highlighted vendor. Not part of the giveaway.
Mumzeys is absolutely the latest fashion to be grabbing onto! These bags rock!!! So many different styles and so dang cute even for your little ones. If you buy one of these and think you've misplaced it, you're more than likely wrong, your little girl probably snagged it while you weren't looking. These adorable bags can be used for just about anything. You don't want to be caught leaving your home without one. Make a statement, everyone else who has one will!! Also, check out the new hot item, the Twilight bag. Now you've gotta get one of those.


twilightchick said...

I would use one of those bags everywhere I went! Especially that twilight one for my new re-designed twilight room!!!!!!!!

ruthiedarrin said...

I love this idea..especially for my older girls. Not much available for mommy and me when you have girls that are tweens...but this is darling!