Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scentsy "highlighted vendor"

Are you so sick of doing the burning of the candles, and having it take hours and hours before that delicious smell comes wafting through your house?! Well wait no more! Scentsy is the latest and greatest of ideas. I'd say that this is as genius as sliced bread, but it's not, it's better!! Scentsy has a gaggle of scents for you to choose from. You want a warm spring day in your house, get the brick that will that will take you to that place! Yep, I said "brick". These bricks actually look and smell as good as they look. They look yummy! All you do is pick a burner (so many adorable colors and looks to choose from), then choose your bricks/flavors of candle like things that are wickless burners, oh yea baby, I said wickless! The candle like bricks are melted and warmed by a light bulb, so you can actually leave the house with this thing on, and have no fear that the house will burn down! Now you just gotta worry about the kids! eek!

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