Monday, December 8, 2008

Cheeky & Swank "highlighted vendor"

Cheeky & Swank... That's just it, it is so cheeky and swank! You can find just about anything that you could possibly want with these items! It almost makes me wish I had a little baby again to use these baby things... I said almost people. I've got my hands full my own little minions. Aren't the baby items just getting cuter and cuter the more time goes on?! I swear they do. Cheeky has items from bags, to pillows to burpies. Such great gift ideas, not just for Christmas, but for blessings, actual birth-day hospital gifts, baby shower gifts... you can do so much with everything from Cheeky!

1 comment:

Cheeky and Swank said...

Hey girls, thanks for the "highlight". We are so excited for the show!!!