Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very safe and Happy New Year!! We hope that this year will be your year filled with dreams and happiness, and everything that would fulfil your dreams of love. We hope to see you all again in 2009!!! Cheers to everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. May all your wishes come true. May the blessings of the world fall upon those who are in need at this time of the year, and all year long in our new year. Have a safe holiday and take care!! We hope to see you all after the New Year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anyone looking for a home???!!!

Anyone looking for a new home?! We've got the perfect one for you located in Draper, right next to the model home that we had our boutique in!! It is beautiful, and ready for you to move in now! Click on the Gough logo on the right side of our blog for more info. about Gough Homes. For more info. on how to purchase this home, or to start on building one, call the realtor Annabelle Rowlette from Gough Homes for all the information you could possibly want or need to know! :) Annabelle Rowlette #801-573-8027
$412,250.00 Rambler on .30 acres

Boutique was phenomenal!!!

Hey everyone, so sorry I haven't blogged since the boutique. The show was amazing, thanks to all those who came and shopped. We had a great time. Thanks so much to all of our absolutely amazingly wonderful and talented women who participated in the boutique!!! You are all so fabulous, and the boutique would not have been possible without all you fine women.

We are definitely going to be doing another show in the Spring. So watch for more info and details to follow. We are thinking around April/May time, before Mother's Day, and before school gets out. Thanks again to everyone who came, and everyone who participated!!!

See you all soon!

Julie and Jody

Friday, December 12, 2008

Boutique Kick off!!! Woo Hoo.....

We hope to see you all tomorrow at the boutique. Happy shopping, and be safe while out on the roads! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

The Spotted Zebra Boutique.... :)

Be Safe.....

Winners of... Layers, Simply Chic, A bit of younique, Watch Creations, Handpicked Daisy's, and Magpie and Cake....

You can all pick up your prizes behind the register, just give us your name, and we'll have it for you either days of the boutique... Congrats to all of our winners of this weeks giveaways!

Layers winner .....Chesney!!!

Simply Chic..... Twilightchick

A bit of younique... One Fish

Watch Creations.... Shanda

Handpicked Daisy's.... Jansan

Olive Jane's Swim diaper cover..... Shanda

And Magpie and Cake's artist smock.... Meredith!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!! Congrats everyone!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The winner of the Usborne book...

The winner of the super fun Hide and seek book.... Jed and Sabrina!!!!! Congrats!!! You can pick it up either days at the boutique behind the register. We'll hold it for you under your name!

Winner of Scentsys plug-in......

And the winner of the fabulous Scentsy plug in.... Jeanne!!! Congrats! You can pick it up behind the register at either days of the boutique!!

WINNER of the crayon holder from Magpie and Cake.....

And the winner of the crayon holder.... Mommy Shar!!! You can pick it up either days at the boutique. We'll hold it for you under your name behind the cash register. Congrats!!!

Layers Clothing "GIVEAWAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who doesn't love Layers clothing?! I LOVE all their stuff!!! If you haven't checked out their new fall/winter line, you are missing out, but now is your chance! Layers will be at the boutique with their new line ready to buy and take home!! They are giving away the "Ruthie" shirt in Black size Large. These shirts run small, so it's really a medium that you're getting. Enter to win!!! To enter, you must say what you love about boutiques! Wahoo.... Who doesn't love themself a good boutique?!!! This will end tonight too, so you only have a few hours to enter to win!!!

Simply Chic Boutique "GIVEAWAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply chic is giving away one of their very chic purse hooks. I know I always just throw down my purse somewhere and let it clutter up things... how tacky huh?! You now have a hook to hang your purse on!! No more complaints on where you stashed your purse, you have your very own hook!! Saweeettttt!!! Enter to win one these bad boys, you wont regret it! To enter, you must say what you like to do for fun! Shopping, watching a movie, hanging with the fam...

This giveaway will end tonight too... so get those comments in quick! Winners announced tomorrow morning!

A bit of Younique "GIVEAWAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out what's up for grabs today!!! This will actually end tonight... You only have hours to enter to win this one. Enter this giveaway for a chance to win one of the cutest spunky onesees!!! These will create that debonair little man, or that little diva that you've got.. this will give them the personality they are working on developing. These are super fun!! When you enter, please specify the size and gender needed. The sizes run 0-24 months. In order to enter, you must comment on what your favorite weather is.... sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowing.. etc.

Picture may not be exact on what you win.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winners of Patrice Wright cell phone charm..... and Dizzlepops Twilight scrabble tile necklace

And the winner of Dizzlepops Twilight scrabble tile.... Bugs 'n' bees!!!! Congrats!!! You can pick up your item either the 12th or 13th behind the register! Congrats!!

The winner of the Twilight cellphone is Jokilyn!!! Congrats!! You can pick this up on either the 12th or 13th at the boutique. Just give us your name at the register! I'm gonna have to get one of these myself! Woo Hoo!!!

Remember, you can all still enter to win a book from Usborne books, a wall plug-in with bar from Scentsy, and a crayon holder from Magpie and Cake, along with the 3 new items that were posted today!!!!

Watch Creations GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Watch Creations is giving away a $25 gift certificate to their store!!! You can spend it while at the boutique. You are going to love the creations that are made with these watch faces. These beaded bands and watch faces are interchangeable... Got that, interchangeable!!! You can keep the same watch face, and change out the beaded bands everyday to go with your outfit everyday of the week! Or keep the beads and change the watch face! So much variety, and so many different ideas you can do with these watches!! http://www.watchcreations.blogspot.com/

To enter to win this watch, you must say what you love about Christmas!!!

Handpicked Daisy's GIVEAWAY!!!!

Handpicked daisy's is giving away this super cute neighbor gift!! Aren't we used to giving neighbors that plate of cookies, or those boring old gifts... not this year!!! They have the cutest gifts, whether it be for a neighbor, or a visiting teacher, or just for a friend. These gifts and wonderful creations are from the heart. Get multiples of different gifts at the show this weekend!!! http://www.handpickeddaisys.blogspot.com/ To enter to win, you must comment on what your favorite holiday is, and why!!!

Magpie and Cake Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magpie and Cake is doing another giveaway!!! This time it's an artist smock apron from Magpie and Cake! Super cool! Isn't that just it, cooking truly will be a work of art in this smock! Give it for a gift, keep it for yourself. These will actually make cooking fun. Your kids will think of you as an artist when you cook, and will have fun being next to their creative mother while she is busy at "work"... whether baking cookies, or even washing dishes, this smock is sure to covered in fun! http://www.magpieandcake.etsy.com/

To enter to win, you must comment on what your favorite treat is during the holiday season!!! Item in picture may not be the exact item given.

Demi-Do's "highlighted vendor"

Don't you ever have those days where you just don't know what is missing from your outfit?! Well, Demi-do's figured it out, and came up with a solution... wear a hat, not just any hat, wear one of their adorable must have and must wear out hats!!! You can't go wrong here, whether you're having a bad hair day, or just want to complete that missing look that you can't get with just anything, get a couple of these beauties!! I love hats, and you just can't go wrong here!! Makes the perfect sister or sister in law gift! Have some fun! http://www.demi-dos.com/

Designer jeans & Juicy "highlighted vendor"

There is too much with this vendor. You will be spoiled when you shop this booth! I love it!!! This booth has designer jeans from True Religion and Sevens, to Juicy track outfits! You will spend hours just deciding on which pants to buy. This booth is so fun!!! You will pamper yourself when you come here!! You wont leave empty handed.

Simply Chic Boutique "highlighted vendor"

Simply Chic has the cutest designer inspired handbags! You can get the look, without spending the price with these sure to please handbags!! You can buy a bunch of these bags to go with multiple outfits, and it wont hit your pocketbook like the real ones! Come and get one, get two, heck, get a handful!!! You will love these all these adorable, fashionable handbags!

Patrice Wright jewelry "highlighted vendor"

Patrice jewelry has it all when it comes to Twilight lovers!! This is where you can buy those must have Twilight inspired cell phone charms! You can even get the Bella bracelet from Patrice!! They even have the cutest silver bookmarks that have the wolf and heart crystal on them. Okay, I'm off on Twilight again. That's not all that Patrice jewelry has, they have so much more!! Come get all that you need from Twilight to timeless pieces...

Daisy Designs "Highlighted vendor"

Daisy Designs has such fun items. You can get rockin' ribbon wands, how cute is that put on top of a present... doll diapers, felt hairclips, they even have baby dolls you can buy!!! How complete and adorable is that?! You can get it all with Daisy Designs. They even have wallet business card and credit card holders. You can shop in style without a huge purse in hand. Daisy has it all for your little girl! http://www.beadedsocks.etsy.com/

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The winner of Steamtrunks earrings..... and our other giveaways that are going on right now!

The winner of Steamtrunks earrings..... Chesney!!! Woo Hoo, Congrats! You can pick these up at the register either the 12th or 13th. We will hold them under your name.

We have 5 giveaways going right now! Oh yea!!! The 2 Twilight items will end tonight... and the other 3 will end tomorrow night. 3 more items will be posted tomorrow afternoon too! So tomorrow, we'll have 6 items up for giveaways! Sweet!!! Enter to win EACH item everyday. Have fun entering.. and good luck in winning! :)

Magpie and Cake "GIVEAWAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magpie and Cake has such fun and unique items. They make such cool stuff! I love it! Up for grabs from Magpie is this cute crayon holder roll-up bag. This is great for when you are out and about in the car with your kids, and they want something to do. I hate bringing boxes of crayons, they get everywhere. With this holder, you can take it and go with every crayon wrapped up, and easy for kids to put back in its place. These are great for Sunday school or church. You will want one of these! Picture shown may differ from the one given away. In order to enter to win this, you need to say how you would put this holder to use... how would it make things more convenient to you?!

Scentsy "GIVEAWAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scentsy candles are perfect for anyone who loves their house to smell yummy. You can leave these candles on all day and leave, and not worry about a candle catching things on fire. These bars melt by using a lightbulb that is input underneath their adorable burners. These are wickless, smokeless, leadless candles. You will love them. Up for this giveaway is a wallplug with a bar. These are perfect to put in your bedroom or bathroom. Giftbags will be pre-made and ready to go as gifts at the show this weekend. In order to win this wallplug, tell us what it is that you love about the holiday season. Giveaway wall plug and bar will differ from the one pictured.


Usborne Books GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

What do Usborne books, Scentsy, and Magpie and Cake all have in common??? All 3 of them are putting items up for this giveaway!!! Woo Hoo.... 3 giveaways!!

Usborne Books has the cutest childrens books that you are guaranteed to love!!! Or atleast I am betting you will. Books are such a great gift for young children. Heck, I still LOVE to read. Get your kids loving to read as well. In order to win this giveaway, you need to note that you are entering for Usborne books giveaway, and you have to say what your favorite childhood book was. http://www.toniasbooknook.com/

EleTent "highlighted vendor"

Have you ever been out there in that sun, or even the cold with your little baby in their carseat, and you cover them with a blanket that keeps getting blown off, or keeps falling down in their faces, and you get so frustrated because you're trying to protect them from the sun, wind, or cold??? Well no more! EleTent has the solution!! Keep your little bundle protected with their carseat covers. I wish I could've gotten one of these when I had tiny babies. These things are perfect!!! So many different fabrics to choose from as well. They have baby swing covers too, they are so great!!!

Hollywood Baby "highlighted vendor"

Check out Hollywood baby. You can spoil yourself with these kids clothes. They also have the super fun noodle swords that you'll actually let your boys hit eachother with... oh wait, is that just me? They have the cool marshmellow pc pipe guns too!! They have it all. You can get your little boys a cute gift with one of those! Or pick an outfit out for your little girl. See and buy it all!

Quite Sweet "highlighted vendor"

Quite Sweet has the best stuffed animals... they are crotched and handstitched!!! Everyone of your kids is going to want one of these for Christmas! These are the types of animals that will stay in your family for years to come. Your child wont be able to sleep without one. These are such timeless animals, the kind that your kids don't get sick of. How great is that!! Come and get one of these to complete your gifts.

Mariah's Creations "highlighted vendor"

Mariah's Creations give you so many options to complete your night out, or night in... These pieces are so delicate and beautiful. These pieces actually make me feel peaceful. It's like tranquility jewelry... I love it!!! You can choose from so much, and you can wear them with just about anything. Check out all that Mariah's has to offer.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Winner of Sassy Scrubs lotion and bubbly bath

And the winner is..... Anne!!! You can come and pick up your items at either of the shows (12th and 13th). It will be under your name behind the cash register. Congrats!!!

Remember that we still have Steamtrunks earrings up for grabs. That will end tonight. We just posted 2 Twilight items that will end tomorrow night. And tomorrow afternoon, we will be posting 3 new items!!! So we'll have 5 going at the same time tomorrow! Sweet!!! Congrats to our past winners, and good luck to our future entries!

Patrice Wright Jewelry "Giveaway"

Another giveaway!!! Patrice Wright Jewelry is giving away a cell phone charm, and Twilight lovers... it is your lucky day because this piece happens to be a Twilight cell phone charm!!!! Aaahhhh... I want this! Seriously, all this Twilight stuff, I LOVE it all! I would make my house a Twilight house if I could, but that would be a bit overboard for my hubby I think. But I did talk him to reading Twilight... he likes the love story, and he now understands why I love it so much. It's like a Pride & Prejudice novel to me. It's that love story that just sucks you in! I'm way off topic, again!!! Sorry. Okay, so Patrice Wright jewelry will have Bella bracelets and other Twilight inspired jewelry! And tons more. To enter this, you must say what you think is the greatest love story out there.

Dizzlepop "Giveaway"

Dizzlepop is being so generous and giving away a Twilight scrabble necklace!!! Wahoo!!! Just one though. :( All you Twilight lovers... and that is a lot of us, this one is up for grabs!!! To enter to win, you have to say what it is about Twilight that sucked you in. I know that there are probably a TON of reasons why you loved it, but try to keep it somewhat short... hehe... say what made you fall in love with the story. Dizzlepop also has doggie tags and coffee sleeves, and so much more! The picture shown below may not be the exact tile piece given. It may say something different. I am going to post a couple pics of what the tiles look like.

Glitter Toes "highlighted vendor"

We are so excited that Glitter Toes will be at our boutique. For all of you women out there who have just had a tough week, or just need a little pampering, you'll get it here, at the boutique. Oh yea, I said AT the boutique! Glitter Toes will be there doing gel/glitter toes!! Doesn't that rock?! I love it! I'm gonna get my toes done! I'm feeling very festive, and my feet haven't been in sandals and seen the warm sun in months!!! Or atleast it feels that way. Well, I don't care, I still want cute toes... :) and so will you! Come in, take your shoes off, and relax while you get your toes cutesied up! I love it!!

Cheeky & Swank "highlighted vendor"

Cheeky & Swank... That's just it, it is so cheeky and swank! You can find just about anything that you could possibly want with these items! It almost makes me wish I had a little baby again to use these baby things... I said almost people. I've got my hands full my own little minions. Aren't the baby items just getting cuter and cuter the more time goes on?! I swear they do. Cheeky has items from bags, to pillows to burpies. Such great gift ideas, not just for Christmas, but for blessings, actual birth-day hospital gifts, baby shower gifts... you can do so much with everything from Cheeky!