Sunday, December 7, 2008

Usborne Books "highlighted vendor"

You will absolutely fall down dead because you love these books so much! They are the cutest books. The animation in them is the cool animation I remember from my childhood, and my hubby remembers from his. These are the books you'll wanna give for gifts this year! Get them for birthdays, Christmas, special occassions, or just for fun!! You can get any kid to read with these! Get them off those games this year, and put their minds to learning, and having fun with it. Read them at night with your young ones, or have them read to you. Books are such a great way to bond with your kids. My husband would even like to read through these. He's very much into animation and artist type of things, and books are the way into the world of fun fantasy. You've gotta check these out!! I promise, you wont be dissappointed.

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