Wednesday, December 3, 2008

K is for Kick off...and what better way to start the giveaway kickoff with the fabulous K & B Kitoure Kids

This is our first giveaway!! We will do one per day, and this is the featured item! Add a comment below to be entered to win these fabulous clips! Read for more info. on the rules! December 3rd's giveaway. This one ends December 4th at 11:59 p.m. so get your comments in below.

Are we ready to rumble?!!!!! Our kick-off giveaway is a feature from the absolutely adorable K & B Kitoure Kids. And if K is for Kick-off, then what better way to start the kick off with K & B Kitoure!!! They are so generously letting go of some very precious clips!! What every little girl loves to put in her hair. Even when my daughter doesn't want me to put it in her hair, she still wants it in her hair.... so she does it on her own! These make the most adorable stocking stuffers, or even to put on top of your gifts. The Korker clip seriously looks like ribbon you curled and put on top of a present! I just about wanna keep it for my daughter, but since I just posted that, I'd better actually give it away. :( But one of you are going to be the bomb at home when you give it to one of your girls, or if you put it on a present to a niece, you'll be the fav auntie. Remember though, if you don't win it here, you can always purchase some at the boutique... phew! Almost scared ya didn't I?! To think, if you didn't win one, you can purchase one. Now we know you'll be coming to the boutique!

The giveaway for this item ends tomorrow night, December 4th at 11:59 p.m. MST. You have to put a comment in about what you plan on doing with these clips if you get them, and it must be posted before the time above. Also, you can enter to win the same item twice if you post a link from your site or blog to ours, and three times if you blog about our blog on your site or blog!! So many opportunities! Wow!!! Happy commenting. Picture shown may or may not be the exact item that is given away. Picture may vary.


Angela said...

I plan on putting them in my 5 year old daughters hair! It is naturally curly and they would look so cute!

Chelle said...

I would definitely use them for my daughter--I love hairbows!

You have amazing giveaways, thank you!

Malisa said...

My daughter is getting hair! I would put them in her hair!

So cute. I'll be at the boutique!