Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giveaway navigation!

Okay, so you all get to navigate through this site to find the giveaways.. hehe... Our first one is from K & B Kitoure Kids, and it's 2 adorable hair clips! They end tonight. So get your comments in below that pic to be entered, but be sure to read what you have to comment about in that section. Our second giveaway started today, and will end tomorrow night. That giveaway is from Scrap Happy Utah, and is a baby sling for your daughters dolly. So find that pic, read what you have to comment about to be in the drawing, and then comment on it in the comments field below the post.

Any questions, just email us on the link to the side!! Thanks! Our first winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Chelle said...

Oh, fun! Off to hunt :)