Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Highlighted Vendor" D'Vinyl

FYI, this is just a highlighted vendor, not part of the giveaway.
Our amazing home decor vendor has TONS to get. They have the most adorable items to buy for even the pickiest person. Have you ever gone to an event or a family party, and someone swears that the pan that you brought your food item in, is actually theirs? Well, those days are gone for good. D'Vinyl has the ability to now let you stake your claim on your dishes. It's awesome, it's like an etch-a-sketch!! They will etch your name right into your dish. How fabulous is that? No more mistaken identity on your dishes.
They still have sooo much more than that. Sit down ladies, they even have stuff for your little boys! Yep, you heard me right! For those of us who have boys, we know how hard it is to find something for boys at a crafty boutique right, well no more! D'Vinyl has magnet boards for boys.. oh yea, you heard me right! You can get a magnet board with vinyl lettering that actually says "may the force be with you", and then have your little mans name put on it in vinyl as well! Now when your boys complain that you always go to the girly boutiques, tell them it's not just for girls anymore!


twilightchick said...

i luv divinal! it is so cute it could go well with anything!!!

ruthiedarrin said...

Super cute Twilight geekery! I love it!!