Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Giveaway" Scrap Happy Utah

Time for our second giveaway!! Remember, that first giveaway is still running up until 11:59 p.m., so you can still comment on it below!

What do little girls want more than anything?! To be like Mommy. We have just the thing to accommodate her, why not give her a baby sling for her own dolly!! How cute is that? I wish I had one of these bad boys when I had tiny bitty babies. That would've made my life so much easier. Your little girls can carry their dollies around in their own baby sling just like you. Whether you win this, or buy one, we'll have them at our boutique in December. This sling is perfect for a gift, or just for fun! Your girls will be so excited to get something that is just like mommy. Comment below on what you love about this sling to be entered to win it!

The picture listed may or may not be the actual sling that will be given away. Item may vary.


spongemommie05 said...

oh what a cute idea ! i love that it does help your daughter to be just like mommy ,,
Why i love it....
it looks like it is easy to slide the dolly in.... which is a plus unlike those tricky barbie clothes where you have to put them on and you may as well be playing with them ...LOL (which i have done 10 x's this last hr....)
plus it can easily be taken anywhere...... another plus , and you can also wash it easily a triple plus.....

Traci Salinas said...

Love that. What little girl wouldn't want that for her doll so she could be just like mommy. I noticed you have a doll sling as well as a baby sling in the same fabric....ADORABLE!

Chelle said...

What a cute idea! I never would have thought about that, I love it!! My daughter LOVES her babies...and what better way for her to be able to carry the baby around.

Thank you so much!

Saunders Family said...

Fun idea! My daughter would love one of those!