Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love me Ragged...

Yep, you heard it right... Love me ragged will be at the spring boutique!! These are the softest and most adorable rag quilts, and they are dang cute!! Whether boy or girl, they've got what your babes need. They also make the funnest pajamas. I bought some spongebob pj's for my 5 year old for Christmas, and the cutest striped brown and pink pj's for my daughter for Christmas. They opened them up on Christmas Eve, and they were beyond thrilled. My 5 year old still thanks me for his spongebob pajamas everytime he puts them on, they are his favorite pajamas. They even have reusable hankies, just like in the good old days.

They also have such fun outlet protectors too, not the same old same old clear protectors, now you can get outlet protectors with some pizazz!

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