Thursday, November 6, 2008

Special Holiday Boutique Dec 12th and 13th!

Hi everyone,

Jody and Julie here! We are sisters (and mothers) putting on boutiques in order to bring the best unique products Utah has to offer in one place. We are very excited about our first boutique under the Spotted Zebra name. We hope you are excited too, with so many talented people, unique products, and designer fashions that will be there in December. We value your feedback so please use the online form to the right to contact us.

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Colin and Ranie said...

Hey Jody! This is an awesome idea. Monica Kener forwarded me your link as they are doing a fundraiser for Sub-for-Santa at your boutique. I was scrolling down and saw you and Julie! How fun! And I love the Spotted Zebra name. Hope you have tons of success with it!